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What causes the wifi error?

  • Many devices access wifi.
  • Faulty wifi equipment from the provider (modem, wifi transmitter)
  • The location of the wifi device is not reasonable

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Fix wifi error

  • Changing your wifi password or upgrading your wifi device is the simplest and easiest way to do it. You control the number of wifi users.
  • You can temporarily turn off the device and wait about 10 seconds after restarting the device. Once done, if the wifi is still unstable. Please contact technical support number 1.800.906.0541 to receive timely service.
  • You should restrict your wifi device to near electronic devices that contain electromagnetic waves and place wifi in high and open positions; Wifi devices should be placed in the rooms with the highest density to ensure strong and stable signal.

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On our Network Operations team, you will maintain, operate, and improve our cable plant and deliver service to our commercial and residential customers. You’ll work in an energized, highly charged environment with skilled professionals who make sure that our headends and hubs meet the highest quality standards. Your team will also actively resolve and proactively troubleshoot network issues and customer concerns to create an unmatched customer experience. Our customers expect great, uninterrupted service, and your team will provide it.

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